When in Rome: Autumn/Winter Fashion Across the Globe

When in Rome: Autumn/Winter Fashion Across the Globe

Winter is just around the corner. Some may opt for the sweaters and hot chocolate, others may want to escape the winter freeze by jetting off to seasonally warmer territories. Given this, we thought it would be interesting to see how some use fashion to get through the autumn/winter season around the globe.
1) New York is one of the fashion capitals in the world. The trench coat has become the staple fashion item to weather the rain in the big Apple. The layered trench coat look remains classic and versatile for work and play.
2) In Nairobi, Kenya winter doesn’t exactly mean snow and grey backdrops. Kenya typically has a wet and the dry season. A light coat or jacket is essential for such weather to fend off the rain or keep away the night breeze. Striking colours and patterns also tend to make an appearance, bringing some much needed character to the colder than usual weather.
3) Moscow, Russia usually experiences sub-zero temperatures during winter. Fur has, therefore, become the go to the item here. Although for the sake of the animals, we think the faux-fur look is equally fashionable and ethical!
4) In Buenos Aires, Argentina, winter fashion can be more understated. A simple light coat or cardigan tends to do the trick. Less is definitely more here.
There's so much to choose from this Autumn/Winter season. Find your winter style whether you're homebound or off to new territories. If you're lucky enough to experience a different country, remember, WHEN IN ROME!!!

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