Camarade: Ayanfe


22 year-old Nigerian visual artist Olarinde Ayanfeoluwa is a inspires younger communities through art that carries a positive message. Defined as a scribble artist, she has coined the term ‘jagaish’ meaning ‘rubbish’, which stems from her putting pen to paper out of frustration, and beginning to see form appear out of the marks she was making. 

Ayanfeoluwa inspires youth through her work, is with her organisation: CharitywithArt. Their mission? ‘To use rich diverse expressions of art to enrich another because not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.’

Her work covers a range of subject content, including socio-political situations such as intermittent electricity in Nigeria.  In conjunction with access to social media, we are able to take part in Ayanfeoluwa’s artwork, and support her charity. Providing youth with artistic opportunities and direction, is just one of the many ways Nigerian art is impacting younger generations, and will continue to do so in the future.